Springpath Hyperconverged Infrastructure

HyperConverged Infrastructure (HCI) is a hot topic these days. It’s promise is increased flexibility (agility) and scalability at a lower cost than infrastructures based on traditional shared storage (SAN/NAS) while retaining the functionality that we have become accustomed to (like snapshots, cloning and replication) and supporting most enterprise application environments.
Creating a hyperconverged infrastructure can be achieved very easily with the building block concept of companies like Nutanix and Simplivity. You can start very simple by creating a cluster of (usually) only 3 nodes and gradually increase the size of your infrastructure when required by simply adding nodes to the existing environment. The potential disadvantage of this (hardware) appliance-based approach is that you are usually limited in your choice of appliance configuration (amount of CPU, memory and type/capacity of storage devices). This means that you could end up with an infrastructure with too much CPU, too much memory or too much storage capacity (so too much investment …).

VMware Learning Zone (VLZ)

The VMware Learning Zone (VLZ) is a relatively new way for VMware to provide technical content around various VMware products. This is done through a series of videos presented by a selection of top consultants and trainers.
The content is available on a yearly subscription basis in the form of either a “Standard”or a “Premium” VLZ subscription. The latter also including Certification Exam Prep content (currently specifically for the VCP6-DCV certification).
Recently I have had the pleasure to check out the VLZ content and found the material to be very useful and of high quality. Currently the library contains around 70 videos about topics like vSphere, Virtual SAN, vROps, vCAC, Horizon, SRM and NSX. Content is being added on a regular basis (check out this blog for updates). Especially the exam prep part of the library still seems to be “work in progress” as many modules are lacking video content.
After subscribing to the VMware Learning Zone you will have access through the VMware learning system “MyLearn”. Once Logged in, you will find the VLZ subscription as a Self Paced course with access for 365 days under “MyEnrollments”. New content will automatically show up in the library and is free to be accessed as long as you have a valid subscription.
More information about the subscriptions and available video content check out the VMware education site.