VMware VCP certification questions

During the VMware courses I teach I often get questions about the way to get certified and stay certified as a VCP. This blog post will try to explain your options.

First of all you need to be aware that several VCP certifications exist. The “classic” VCP (which focuses on vSphere) is called VCP-DCV nowadays (DCV being short for DataCenter Virtualization) and for those focusing on other VMware product lines additional certifications exist (specifically VCP-DTM for Desktop and Mobility, VCP-NV for Network Virtualization and VCP-CMA for Cloud Management and Automation).
Although these other certifications do not focus on vSphere they still require people that want to achieve them to at least have a solid base knowledge of vSphere. Therefore VMware has created a Foundation exam that every individual that wants to earn their first VCP certification (any type) needs to pass in addition to passing the specific VCP exam.

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