Installing the ESXi Host Client (Tech Preview)

Some time ago I came across a neat little “Fling” on the VMware labs site (a collection of tools built by VMware engineers) called the ESXi Host Client. When installed in your stand-alone ESXi host you will be able to manage the host through a web browser instead of having to use the traditional vSphere Client. Although the status of this piece of software is “Tech Preview”, so it is not officially supported by VMware for production environments, it is already very complete and easy to use. Recently the host client presented me a popup suggesting I look at the fling website to check whether a newer version was already available … and it was. So I went ahead, downloaded the software and installed it. In this case I first removed the old version by logging in to the ESXi console and using the command :

esxcli software vib remove -n esx-ui

The procedure to install the host client is pretty straightforward and is described below.

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VMware Virtual SAN Announcements

This week was an exciting week for VMware Virtual SAN enthusiasts (of which I am one). I’m looking forward to checking out the new features and functions as they become available with version 6.2 (VMware stated this would be by the end of the quarter). With these features the Virtual SAN solution becomes quite a mature storage solution comparable in feature set with many traditional (SAN/NAS) midrange storage systems. Among the features that will become available with the core product are :

  • Checksumming … making data integrity more robust
  • IOPS limits per object … improving Storage based QoS
  • Deploying thin swap objects … decreasing the overhead required for swapping (which you would want to prevent anyway)
  • Improved Virtual SAN management capabilities in the WebClient … removing the need for additional (RVC based) tools

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