VMware Certification Manager

Recently VMware introduced the VMware Certification Manager website. Linked to your MyLearn account this portal gives you a very clear overview of your existing certifications (with expiration dates) and the history of exams you have taken in the past as well as a list of possibly expired certifications.

The portal also gives you access to logo material¬† related to your certification status, allows you to create .pdf versions of your certifcations and create transcripts which you can share through several social media (like sharing it on your website … check out my certification transcript for example).

Finally you will be able to check out any new VMware certifications you would like to pursue and the paths you can (need to ) take to achieve these.

Just go to http://www.vmware.com/certification and click the “Certification Manager” link on the right, provide your MyLearn credentials and see for yourself.

Happy certifying !


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