VMware Advanced Professional (VCAP) certification not going away

With the introduction of vSphere 6.0 VMware introduced a new level of certification called VCIX6-DCV (with “IX” standing for “Implementation eXpert”). In order to achieve this certification one needs to take two exams, focusing on Deployment and Design respectively. VMware has announced these two exams to be available early 2016 and they would be comparable to the former VCAP5-DCA and VCAP5-DCD exams.

Initially VMware had planned to retire these individual two certifications, replacing them with the single VCIX6-DCV certifications. Recently however VMware has announced that people will still be able to achieve these two Advanced Professional certifications for vSphere 6. Achieving both certifications will grant individuals the right to carry the VCIX6-DCV badge.

Anyone who already holds one of the two advanced certifcations for vSphere 5 can upgrade to VCIX6-DCV by taking the vSphere 6 version of the “other” exam (so take the Design exam if you hold the VCAP5-DCD or the Deployment exam if you hold the VCAP5-DCA).

VCIX6-DCV will be a requirement to move to the highest VMware certification level : VCDX6-DCV.

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